Updated Information

We have updated our list of shops open to the general public as from the 23rd April 2020.

The following stores that meet the Government criteria of essential retail are open:

  • Tesco
  • Bishopstown Post Office
  • Bishopstown Credit Union
  • Boots
  • O’ Sullivan’s Pharmacy
  • Here’s Health
  • Holland and Barrett
  • O’ Crualaoi’s Butchers
  • Eurogiant
  • Bank of Ireland
  • KBC
  • EBS
  • Specsavers (emergency only)

All other stores will remain temporarily closed for the foreseeable future.

The Opening Times are:

*Monday to Saturday: 9am-6pm
*Sunday: 12-6pm.
*Tesco Wilton are open everyday from 7am-10pm.

Stay safe and thank you to the frontline services who are working tirelessly to defeat this virus, we are very grateful to you.